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USPS Website No Longer Tracking Packages- Glitch, or Something Else?

We really don’t mean to be alarmist here, but, we noticed last night that the USPS official website is no longer allowing the tracking of packages. Now, this could be a normal glitch, or update to the service’s website that is causing this outage. But considering the current administration’s recent push to restructure and possibly dismantle the US Postal Service has us greatly concerned.

For many Americans who have small businesses that create and offer items and original works of art (think Etsy and the like), the postal service is their lifeblood. The delivery of packages and parcels of all types across the country is something they need to continue to do business, as well as the obvious important job of the postal service to keep the country connected.

We noticed this change last night, while tracking our own expected delivery (that on its own is actually two months late, more on that when we receive the item).

At this time, there is no update on what is causing this outage, or when the tracking service may return.

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We are happy to report that it looks like it WAS just a glitch, and the service is back on the official USPS website as of 10am PST. Hopefully, it was a planned update to the tracking system, and not, as feared, a possible look at the shape of things to come.

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