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Disney’s “Tron 3” Nabs Director Garth Davis, and *grumbles* Jared Leto

Ok, there is part of this report that we’re marginally sure of; Walt Disney Studios have apparently tapped director Garth Davis to tackle the much-delayed “Tron 3” film. And, if you believe sourceless stories from various outlets- that Oscar winner Jared Leto will star.

Jared Leto in “Blade Runner 2049,” photo courtesy of the Warner Bros. Pictures archive

We say sourceless, because Deadline (who we won’t link to because reasons) has a story this morning stating this as a done deal, but without any source or actual….you know, proof?

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We do think the Davis news is likely, though.

If you’ll recall, back in 2017, Leto’s name was already being rumored with a possible third “Tron” film for the house of mouse, but that project was ultimately scrapped.

We’ll let you know what we hear as far as confirmations for this and other news.


Since the time of our original publication of this story, Leto has confirmed via Twitter that he WILL be starring in the next “Tron” film.

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