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“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” Update Adds Characters, Creatures, Swimming and More

It’s summertime in “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and Nintendo is coming in hot with their Summer Update Wave 1! This new update promises new characters, creatures,recipes and the ability to swim in the ocean. It’s sure to bring some new excitement to a title that may be starting to feel a little stale to some players. After all, there’s only so many times you can rearrange your house and visit various islands before you start eyeing some new games to play.

By far, the most exciting addition is the ability to swim in the ocean. Just hop right in and you can swim about until your heart is content. If you find an area where bubbles are rising, you can dive underwater to collect sea creatures. Turn these critters into Blathers for some cool new editions to the museum’s aquatic section. Additionally, on your swims you may run into Pascal the otter. Give him a scallop and he will thank your generosity with new DIY recipes. Pascal has appeared in previous Animal Crossing titles such as “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” so it’s a pleasant surprise to see him make his grand return.

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In the trailer, we get a glimpse at a house completely decked out to look like a mermaid’s palace! This means we can expect to discover all of these fantastic recipes once the update drops. I can’t wait to add that conch shell lamp to my own home! There’s even some super cool mermaid clothes you can wear to complete your underwater experience.

Of course, no beach experience is complete without the lovable Gulliver constantly washing up on shore. Instead of his sailor outfit, the new update will have him wash ashore in what appears to be a red pirate’s outfit. One can only wonder what this new wardrobe change will bring.

The new update arrives on July 3. Best of all, we can expect more updates to the game in the near future. Nintendo ends their update trailer with the promise of Summer Update #2 at some point in early August.

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