This Millennium Falcon Pool Float will Have You Feeling like You’re Floating Through Space

Do you like to theme everything with Star Wars? I know I like to try to whether it be in the kitchen or decorating the bathroom. But what about the pool? Well luckily while searching for pool floats for myself I stumbled upon this Millennium Falcon Pool Float by Swimways.

[And now I’m going to be able to help my daughter “Pilot” it around the pool this summer.]


Since it’s 5′ x 4′ it’s a tad too short for me. But perfect for my daughter who will no doubt be asking me to pull her around on it. I guess she can be Han and I can be Chewie. Pretend play is a big deal in the pool since really all that’s out there is you and your imagination. And rather than be mermaids(Again) I’d rather play Star Wars. You can check out the listing by clicking the link here.


The best part about the question and answer part of this listing was when someone asked what “Oversized” meant. Mostly because they pointed out that the Millennium Falcon is about 114′ and someone had to give them the dimensions. It may say oversized but it does not mean that it is bigger than the Falcon. Though if you want something similar to that size you can always check out the bounce house that Magic Jump has for sale.

And if you’re looking to add other accessories to the mix Amazon also has some cool beach balls that you can play with in the water. You can check them out by clicking the link here.


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