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What Skills Can You Gain From Playing Video Games?

Whether you play casually, regularly, or even professionally, there are many different skills that you can gain from gaming. This can be through playing all sorts of games on your mobile, PC, games console or any other device.

You might be into playing creepy PEGI 18 horror games such as Friday the 13th: The Game, Dead Space, or Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Perhaps you enjoy playing action games with your friends like Call Of Duty or Grand Theft Auto V. Or you might want to play other types of 18+ games, including some with genuine money up for grabs like an interactive live blackjack experience at an online casino. 

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Whichever type of games you enjoy playing, here are just some skills and you can gain from playing them:

They help to teach you how to think strategically

There are many video games available that require you to think strategically. Developing this skill over time will help you to solve in-game problems, challenges, and tougher levels. Not all games are quite straightforward, so it’s important to sometimes think outside the box. 

Playing video games regularly can help to improve your strategic thinking potential and help improve your other gaming skills. This skill can help you to predict the effect of taking certain action as in these games. Whether you are into classic games or modern ones, there are many strategy games to play on PC that can put your skills to the test.

They improve improve your coordination & multitasking skills

Multitasking and coordination is a skill that can help you in all aspects of daily life, from your work to playing sports. Playing video games is a great way to develop these skills and practice them on some of your favourite games. In a game, you might need to reload as you are making your way through a map, or on multiplayer mode you might have to push buttons on your controller while listening to your teammates through your headset. 

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Are you looking forward to playing the new The Last of Us 2 or Death Standing? There are plenty of new video game release dates that you can look forward to in 2020 and 2021 that can test these skills.

They can boost your teamwork & social skills

Do you enjoy playing online or on multiplayer with your friends? Then you will be working on your teamwork and social skills as you play together. Whether it’s in-game chat features or through your console headset, communicating together helps you to create bonds, form friendships, and helps you learn how to work well as a team. You can devise battle strategies together in Call of Duty or you can even plan out heists together in GTA Online

Good teamwork and social skills can help you throughout life as you apply for jobs, meet new people, and work with teams. According to Game Reactor, there was even a university study that found that video games increased team building skills. The study found that participants experienced a 20% boost in their productivity levels.

They can help improve your concentration, attention & memory

When you are playing video games you are expected to focus on a certain target and work until you achieve it. Whether you need to defeat an enemy, reach the next level, or unlock a puzzle, it’s important that you have good concentration and attention. 

Playing video games can also improve your memory as you remember useful fight combos and which console buttons do which actions. By playing video games players are able to regularly test their coordination and skills and keep mentally active. Many games like PS4’s Until Dawn also feature quick-time events so it’s useful to improve on your reaction times and attention to help you complete the event without any slip-ups.

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