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Naughty Dog Apologizes For Using Lotte Kestner Song in “Last of Us Part 2” Trailer

Only a few days ago, Naughty Dog dropped a beautiful and emotional new trailer for “The Last of Us Part 2.” In the video, we watch as Ellie runs from humans and clickers alike through a dark building. Throughout the action, Ellie sings a beautiful song called “True Faith.” Naughty Dog soon found themselves in hot water though when they failed to credit the artist behind the song.

The main protagonist Ellie ( V/o Ashley Johnson) in some promotional art for the game.

The original “True Faith” was written and performed by New Order. In 2011 Lotte Kestner did her own cover of the song. Shortly after the trailer premiered, Kestner took to Twitter to call out Naughty Dog. The original Tweet has since been deleted.

“Hey, are you aware that the True Faith cover you put in your Last of Us 2 trailer is a replica of my cover that came out ten years ago? I wrote original parts not in the original song that are copied exactly by whoever covered it. I am heartbroken.”

It didn’t take long for Neil Druckmann, writer/director of “The Last of Us Part 2,” to take to Twitter and apologize for the error.

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It seems that Druckmann’s apology has been taken to heart. Since the apology, Kestner has taken to Twitter to show her support for the game. She says she is “so proud this music has found a home in such an amazing project. Thanks to Neil, Naughty Dog and everyone at Sony.” It’s nice to see Naughty Dog admit to their mistake and make things right with the deserving artist.

“True Faith” is not the only song that will be appearing in “The Last of Us Part 2.” Previously, Shawn James’ “Through The Valley” appeared in a trailer sang by Ellie. Naughty Dog has also secured the rights to use Pearl Jam’s “Future Days” in the game.

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