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These Succulent Pillows Will Bring Life into Your Home

Part of my problem has always been that while I love flowers and plants, I tend to kill them very easily. Now I’m not a murderous person nor do I wish these plants any harm. But for some reason no matter what plant I get it dies. But I’ve found something that is not only green and plant like and I won’t kill it- is this adorable succulent pillow.

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These plump succulent pillow adds a unique pop of life to any room. They adorable accent to any space. Also a perfect gift for those who loves succulents, cactus, plants, gardening, or unique accents. They are approximately 15 inches (38CM) wide and approximately 8 inches (20CM) tall when laid flat. Each petal is hand sewn so they may be a little bit smaller, but just like a real succulent when they get broken in they will start to lay more flat and take on their true shape.

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Each one is made with super soft micro plush and stuffed with 100% polyester. Add a pop of green life into your living room, bedroom, or reading corner. Use it as a headrest or cuddle buddy when watching TV or relaxing. Perfect for the succulent lover and gardener in your life. Makes a wonderful new home gift. This is really cute and bonus points for being cuddly. Now you can have plants in your home without having to worry about killing them by over watering or not giving them enough sunshine.

You can pick one up on Amazon by clicking the link here.

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