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Stitch to Crash Land at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is the company that lets you make your own customized best friend. For me I make my Pokemon dolls and Ryu Bear for my husband (which was signed by Ono San). Now a new guy has crashed landed and get ready because Experiment 626 is coming. Yes my friends Stitch himself is coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

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How cute is he!! Look at those little paws! And that smile! That devious little smile. What’s even cooler than this? Stitch comes with a sound chip and can say the following phrases:

  • Hi
  • You be my friend, ok, good
  • Meega nala kweesta
  • You can be part of my ohana
  • Stitch very huggable. You hug Now!
  • I am cute and fluffy

I wonder if we can check his badness level. And you know what? He needs a pet frog, just saying. Follow the link here to claim one for yourself. He is on back-order but I promise that he is worth it.

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