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Brian May Teaches Us to Play the Bohemian Rhapsody Solo

The famous guitarist from Queen is here to keep us company through these hard times. He has spent his time posting to Instagram with his “MicroConcerto” video postings. Brian May is quite the literal genius, the astrophysicist has probably written some of your favorite Queen songs that I bet you didn’t know had a very geeky theme behind it.

Brian May posed a question to his audience asking them what they would like him to play.

Artify – Square

“The one that probably was asked most of all was the solo that goes in the middle of that very complex tune written by Freddie [Mercury] called Bohemian Rhapsody,” 

Brian May
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Although he admits that putting up a tutorial on IG stories was incredibly time consuming, he did it anyways and we are ever grateful. Although we wish him luck in finding a better way to share with us all that is easier on himself.

Because Brian May is currently restricted from going to his studio he doesn’t have much by way of equiptment but he is a genius either way and we will take what we can get regardless. He even lets us know what he has been using instead showing us that even with limited equiptment you can still do great things.

“I’m taking the self-isolation thing very seriously, as I think you have to in order for us to stand a chance of keeping this virus in check.”

He is a firm believer is self isolating and taking this pandemic seriously. So join him by social distancing with him on his instagram @brianmayforreal.

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