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Neil Gaiman Gives Blanket Permission Allowing Teachers to Read His Work On Screen

Through these times Neil Gaiman has been a true treasure. Already a favorite to millions of fans across the globe, Neil has time and again allowed people access to his work during these times of crisis. Neil Gaiman has already offered up two sites of his where you can find free content to keep you entertained. He also gave blanket permission to Levar Burton for his project Levar Burton Reads so that he too may use his work during these times. But also, he has extended that offer to teachers and educators as well who may want to read his work to students.

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A teacher asked for permission to read his work over a live stream to which Neil responded with an astounding “Yes”! He did not only give permission to a one time request but also to any teacher or educator. To top it all off he encourages anyone who may want to hear a Neil Gaiman story or novel to go ahead and share the work via live stream anywhere with any loved one.

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If you are unfamiliar with Neil Gaiman and his work, I for one can highly reccomend. And lucky for you, now seems to be just the time to check out his work. Feel free to follow the links listed above to see what may interest you.

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