Matty Benedetto, the owner of Unnecessary Inventions, made “The Pandemic Prevention Utility Belt™️
amid the coronavirus outbreak, and it’s one of the funniest and most helpful products ever!

Said to built following the guidelines from CDC, the product comes with some handy features that help to protect yourself from the virus. There are ‘spandex wristbands’ that make it hard for you to reach or touch your face. The ‘hand shaker’ helps prevent unnecessary skin contact with others, while the ‘retractable elbow sleeve’ reminds you to never sneeze into your hands. It also comes with the ‘dual handwashing stations’ to keep your hands clean.

Sadly, as far as we know, the brilliant invention is not for sale. But it’s definitely going into my bucket list if it is! You can view and support other goofy inventions by Bennedeto by visiting Unnecessary Inventions. There’s also a “Toilet Paper Quota Controller™️” to help you limit yourself to one square of toilet paper per bathroom trip. This and the belt would be the two most useful things ever in the current pandemic!

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