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Kevin Bacon Leads Charge To Keep Six Degrees Of Separation Between People

Actor Kevin Bacon has been spending the past few days trying to raise awareness for the #IStayHomeFor campaign against Covid-19. Capitalizing his reputation of being six degrees from every other actor in Hollywood, Bacon encouraged people to tag six friends and share why it is so important to practice social distancing.

The work has been paying off with people from all over the entertainment industry sharing their reasons to self quarantine and getting other people involved as well. The likes of Elton John and Demi Lovato have jumped on the bandwagon on social media to spread the word and promote the hashtag.

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While the whole campaign has been a fun way to spread the word, the hashtag has been also a way for the general public to offer their own personal reasons to stay home. Many people are sharing the fact that they are or live with someone that is at a potential high risk and need to make it their priority to watch out. Behind all the social media awareness, its a good reminder that there are tons of people in the country that are in very serious danger if they catch Covid-19 and it is up to everyone else to keep them away. With all of the celebrities jumping on the bandwagon of showing that they care, what really matters is watching out for neighbors and friends. Kevin Bacon’s effort has felt a bit more genuine simply because its been allowing more connection between people and also allows him to have fun with his reputation. The man continues to be a national treasure and there’s a reason why he seems to be connected with everyone in the world.

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