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Adorable Armadillo Girdled Lizards Look Like Baby Dragons

Ever since I saw How to Train Your Dragon as a child, dragons have been my favorite animal.  Unfortunately, they are mythical creatures and I can’t have one of my own.  Fortunately, there is a next best thing. And that would be armadillo girdled lizards.  Not only do they look like baby dragons, but they are also unique within the reptile class itself.

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Armadillo Girdled Lizard Curled Up
Photo: Reptile Follower
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These cute reptiles get their names from their hard, armadillo-like outer shell.  They hide from their predators, like snakes, mongooses, and big birds by curling up into a ball. In order to evade their hunters, they can stay in the curled position up to an hour. These small reptiles live in large families and make homes out of the small crevices in rocks.  

The scientific name of the armadillo girdled lizards is Ouroborus cataphractus and you can find them in their homeland in the succulent Karoo region of South Africa.  They will most likely be sunbathing and soaking up precious vitamin D. Furthermore, they don’t need an abundance of food to survive, and are one of the few reptile species that don’t lay eggs.   

Armadillo lizards typically live about a decade and can grow up to four inches long.  Their scales usually range from brown to a light yellow and help them blend into their surroundings in the dirt and desert environments. Their main diet consists of termites, small insects, invertebrates, and spiders.  

However, even though it would be super cool to have one as a pet, they are put in danger by illegal trafficking.  

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Here are some Instagram posts of armadillo girdled lizards that are kept as pets.

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