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A ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Zero Lamp is Here to Brighten Your Home

If you have been searching for a new nightlight you should check out this really cool Zero lamp. He can also keep you company on those lonely midnight treks to the fridge.

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“Set the mood for all things spooky and Halloween with this mood lamp from The Nightmare Before Christmas! Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero is here to get you in the Halloween spirit in the form of this figural LED light.”

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He’s being sold at Box Lunch and comes with a couple of batteries. He also has a built in timer so he turns off automatically after ten minutes. This would be something good to keep by the bedside for when you’re ready to go to bed, or maybe need a little light on your way to use the bathroom. It would be a great idea to get for a kid who’s learning to sleep on their own as they could turn to him for comfort as well.

Zero has become a fan favorite ever since The Nightmare Before Christmas first debuted in 1993. Besides him it’s always a mix of Jack and Sally. He would make a great addition to any Halloween or Christmas Decor and he has the personality to stay up all year long. You can check out Box Lunch’s listing for him by following the link here.

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