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The Coolest ‘Star Trek’ Shoes for Space Exploration

A lot of us nerds adore ‘Star Trek‘ and related merchandise, so why not have a sweet pair of low tops to add to our collections? One company has done just that for those of us who love the Trek Universe, and especially for those with a soft spot for The Next Generation.

A website known as The Presentify has some fun new shoes themed off of Star Trek: The Next Generation, however due to Paramount and CBS’s fondness to dispatching of flesh eating lawyers after anything directly branded without a license, they are referred to as Star Red Low Tops. These snazzy low tops feature the Star Trek a star logo placed over a background of your choice of red, yellow, or blue to go with the different uniforms aboard the Starship Enterprise. They even include tiny gold dots to represent the various ranks amidst the crew members just below the laces.  The site also lets you choose if you’d prefer the shoe sole and laces in black or white, but come with a black sole by default to go with the black on the uniform pattern.

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The shoes go for $49.99, as as opposed to the themed shoes that we’ve seen out of Reebok, these come available for both men and women, and also in kids’ sizes too, all with the optional black or white soles, top-stitching, and laces.

Also remember!  These shoes are based off of The Next Generation, so the red shoes represent the command uniforms worn by Picard and Ryker.  So you won’t have to worry about suddenly perishing in a similar fashion to the Red Shirts of The Original Series if you’re wearing them.

You can check out the various versions of the shoes by visiting The Presentify’s website..

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