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Adult Sized Inflatable Pools Are Here In Time For Summer

One thing that I miss from my childhood is playing in the pool with my friends. My parents would buy a new one every year. We never got an inflatable one, just those large latex ones, you know with the plastic edges and soft bottom. We had the Disney one with the crew on the jungle cruise.

Now that I’m older, sad to say that I don’t think I fit in most kiddie pools anymore, I’d like to think I would but my physical physique says otherwise. I had given all hope that I would ever be able to fit inside a kitty pool anymore, that was until Target announced they have a kiddy pool that’s made for adults. 

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Honestly these are so amazing, and they fit up to three people! All you need is friends, good food, good drinks, and this pool for an amazing time. Follow the link to get one today!

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