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Reporter Accidentally Turns On His Facebook Filters While Going Live

We’ve all done it, turned on filters while talking to a friend, you know the Snapchat stuff. But I didn’t know that Facebook had their own filters if someone was to go live. And that you have to turn them off. Apparently I wasn’t the only one and a reporter by the name of Justin Hinton had completely forgot about it!

Justin is like any other reporter, ready to give the public any news he can report on. He had just finished a segment in North Carolina about the ‘first legitimate snowfall we’ve seen this season’. And it seemed like any other news segment, that was until he went live and people started commenting on his face.

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Now I am not saying this is how to get people to listen but, THIS IS HOW YOU GET PEOPLE TO LISTEN! Poor Justin had no idea that the filters were activated at all. Viewers now demand that he uses these filters when reporting from now on.

You can watch the full video here.

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