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You Can Now Stay At The Lighthouse From Fraggle Rock

Where are my 80’s kids at. If you remember this show you can now apply for AARP. And you can now stay in the Lighthouse from the show. So win win?

Just kidding, though we are getting old hahahelpmehahah. I remember sitting in front of my TV and watching this classic show with my siblings. And how at the end one character was always confused as to why the jukebox(or was it a radio?) started playing again.

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Remember the lighthouse? I have always wanted to travel to see it. Looks like I can now, because the lighthouse that was featured in the show can now be rented out.


St Anthony’s Lighthouse in St Mawes, Cornwall, still stands proudly looking over the majestic sea. Though sadly I don’t think you can go to Fraggle Rock through here (as everyone has probably moved out) but you can still enjoy the company of others, or go by yourself!

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