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New Baby Yoda Maternity Tees Are Here!

Baby Yoda may have started everyone’s clock ticking. And if it wasn’t that maybe you just got lucky and decided to have a baby. Congrats! But what do you wear when your fandom related shirts start to feel snug? Well fear not because Etsy has a ton of maternity clothes that you can have customized. Which is great because to be honest, liking pop culture and wanting cute pregnancy clothes don’t really go together. Just check out the stuff they have at any store, Target for instance.. pretty bland.

Artify – Square

These Baby on Board shirts will fit your growing little foundling and keep you comfortable. Your pretty much a floating pod for the next nine months if you think about it. This way they can be comfortable while also being incredibly uncomfortable.

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You can get one for yourself, your spouse, or your friend by clicking the link here. They have different color and size options so it’s probably best to covertly ask for information if you are getting this as a gift. But also beware, hormones are in full swing and you probably don’t want to phrase it as “hey how fat do you think you’re going to get”.

Nerdbot does not make anything off the sale of this, we just thought you might like to know.

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