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Swiss Miss To Release White Hot Chocolate & Non-Dairy

Swiss Miss is releasing some new flavors for white chocolate lovers and lactose intolerant people and we couldn’t be more excited.

Just picture it, a cool crisp evening you have your favorite sweater on. You’re just about to put on your favorite movie and you’ve got some friends coming over so you know you’re in for a real good night. You don’t feel like making hot chocolate from scratch tonight, no this is your night to relax. It’s time to reach and grab that instant hot chocolate, though you’ll still spruce it up at the end, with your own dollop of whipped cream I assume. But oh no, you have a friend who doesn’t like regular hot chocolate, they like white chocolate, and oh dear. You also have that friend that’s lactose intolerant whatever shall you do?

Well fear not my friends 4 Swiss Miss the maker of one of the most delicious instant hot chocolate has you covered. Because they will be releasing their own white hot chocolate and non-dairy hot chocolate as well. Yes my friends who are lactose intolerant stand up and rejoice, now I know you can make hot chocolate non dairy per se in your own homes. But sometimes it’s so time-consuming, check when I want a cup of hot chocolate I want a freaking cup of hot chocolate I don’t want to wait for the milk to heat up and then me to grab the chocolate and it’s just a big mess to be honest. 

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The cool part is that the non-dairy hot chocolate will go around for $4 a box and the box comes with six little bundles of joy. Where is the white hot chocolate will cost about $3 a box and you get 8 pouches of happiness. Though you can always top it off with your favorite toppings, might I recommend a marshmallow?

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