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Kevin Is In The New Chili Ad From Bush’s Baked Beans

Now where are my Office people at? Honestly we all have our favorite moments. Whether it’s from Jim and Pat’s Wedding, or the fire drill, or maybe it’s when Kevin drops his famous chili. Honestly that is the most tragic part of the entire series. And I laughed so hard I cried. But then again I laughed even harder imagining what would happen if they had to re-do the scene again had something happened.

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Bush’s Baked Beans is a famous company. Back in the late 90s to early 00s we had a talking dog who always tried to give away the secret family recipe. Thankfully the company can rest assured because I don’t think that Kevin ( Brian Baumgartner ) will be giving anything away. Check out their newest ad, with the man who knows how to cook.

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