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Goth Lattes Are A Thing Now

I aspire to have my apartment look like it’s stepped out of an Edgar Allen Poe’s writing. Though with my budget and work I have I will have to settle for my food to look dark and brooding.

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Well I may not be special in The Lego Movie. Lately this school year for me has been very trying because I have so much to do and no time to do it in. I need a drink that matches my mood, and my brooding as well. Thankfully a charcoal latte that is as dark as my soul exists, and I am gonna have to get one to be honest.

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The one in the Instagram post above was created at a coffee shop in Venice, CA. Apparently using activated charcoal is supposed to help with tummy troubles as well.

It’s like I have stepped out of a depressing poetry slam and have now placed it into a drink.

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