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Hand Painted Glass Tea Set Is What You Need For The Perfect Tea party

My friends know that I am a lover of tea sets. Heck when my friend’s mom gave me some cups from a set she no longer wanted I was in heaven. I love to look at my collection in complete awe, and I am always on the look out for the newest cup or pot to add to my ever so growing collection (much to my husbands disapproval) Heck even the head Pharmacist at my work shares me love for tea and tea sets (we exchange tea almost on the monthly)

On of my friends has just shown me this, and my goodness I need it now.

Hand-Painted Glass Mugs and Teapots by Vitraaze

The genius behind this goes by Vitraaz on Etsy. Their work is so beautiful and everything is hand painted with love and care. Here are some more examples of their beautiful work.

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Their Etsy page is filled with mugs, sun catchers, tea sets, wine glasses and so much more! Each one is more lovely than the next, I think I know where I am going now for my tea sets!

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