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Krispy Kreme Now Offers Delivery

Ever get a craving for a freshly made Krispy Kreme doughnut? I for one get excited when I go with my friends to one of those closest to me and I see the FRESH sign all lit up in it’s glory. We like to say “We’re so getting glazed” leave us alone it’s an inside joke. But hey sometimes going out just isn’t an option. What with upcoming mid terms, babysitting, D & D nights, it’s hard! But thankfully the Krispy Kreme gods have decided to bless us, because Krispy Kreme now offers delivery.

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That’s right my friends, the iconic doughnut chain is offering to delivery fresh doughnuts to your door for a small fee of $5 delivery charge. The only catch is that you must live within a 10 mile radius. I for one do so I know what I am ordering the next night my friends and I get together to play Warhammer 40k.

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