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Michael ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes Dies in Rocket Crash While Trying To Prove Earth Is Flat

This flat Earth thing, can it just stop? Now people are dying trying to prove that the Earth is flat. The crazy part is we’ve already had people try to “Sail to the edge” and you know what they found? Well, they never found the edge. Now one man who is known as Micheal ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes has passed away while trying to prove to the world the Earth is flat.

Micheal Hughes had built a rocket to ride in so that he could see if the Earth was flat or spherical. Science Channel was there to document the entire thing. And unfortunately the rocket wasn’t sound enough to be able to carry out the mission.

Footage shows the moment Mike Hughes’ robot spirals out of control (Picture: Justin Chapman)
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He was trying to reach a height of 5,000 ft to prove once and for all that the Earth is flat. Unfortunately his rocket did not allow him to prove his point and he died in the process. He became famous after he announced that he wold prove to us once and for all Earth was flat, but unfortunately he never got the chance to do so. Though we all know that the Earth is spherical, so it probably would have been us watching him try to explain away what he saw.

Micheal Hughes was 64.

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