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You Can Now Rent Out Hagrid’s Hut!

While watching the Harry Potter movies I have always wanted to sip delicious tea inside of Hagrid’s Hut. It always looked so cozy to me, what with a rumbling fire, Ron spitting up slugs, perfection. But thankfully now that I have my passport the world is my oyster and you can actually rent out his hut! That’s right my Potterheads we can actually rent out the infamous hut for only $250 a night AND it accommodates up to 6 people.

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Isn’t this so magical? I love it so much! But it is only available in the UK, but that is okay! TRIP! Get your best friends and set sail towards The Keeper’s hut. Don’t worry I don’t think Fluffy will be roaming the area, but if he is, go ahead and play some soothing music.

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