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Rick And Morty Are Back At Krispy Kreme

While fans are rejoicing over the fact that their beloved series is back in action for the fourth season (though only got about halfway) it seems that the franchise Rick and Morty spread their wings to other creative ideas. What with the Morty mobile traveling around, to the szechuan sauce at McDonalds, to having their donuts back at Krispy Kreme, really it’s a lot.

Oh? you didn’t hear about the donuts back at Krispy Creme? Well, SURPRISE AUSTRALIA! This time they are back with a new flavor from the previous time.

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Strawberry Smiggles, with strawberry filling and topped with mini marshmallows, crunchy meringue pieces and confetti
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Rick’s Wafer Cookie doughnut which is filled with vanilla creme and dipped in strawberry truffle with a white chocolate garnish
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That’s right y’all are getting a Pickle Rick donut! Oh but don’t worry, it is not pickled flavor by any means, it’s a delightful lemon curd with a white chocolate Pickle Rick sitting atop of it. The perfect pairing to all of these donuts is Fleeb juice! It’s the combination of Krispy Kreme’s raspberry and blue havens flavor. Sadly this is again only in Australia (sorry everyone else) but hey, who knows they might bring it out here, if the cry is big enough.

They will be selling these at select chains in Australia through March 16th.

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