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Elven Earbuds Are Here to Make Your Listening Experience Magical

Celebrating fantasy and fae creature is one of the many ways that make a lot of us feel good. Faeries and elves are some of the most magical creatures in history. There’s not exactly proof that they exist but there’s always been hope in the hearts of humans. And now you can feel even more connected to them as you listen to your favorite Gaelic Music. Ishbel MacAskill, Amazing.

These earbuds are pretty cheap too. Selling at only $12.99 on Amazon you can afford to get these for when you want to dress up a little more fancy. The cord is a rubbery “no tangle” design and there is a microphone built into it. So you can make calls when you are on the go.

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When mine come in the mail I’m going to be putting on pure moods. You know the commercial from the 90’s/00’s with Enya right? Well let me tell you the first thing I’m going to do is put on a flowy gown and put on lashes and lounge around in the garden pretending I’m a fairy. Because you only live once right?

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