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You Have A Chance To Win To Be Part Of The Ultimate Ikea Sleepover

Ikea, the land of furniture that always had three more pieces than you need and meatballs that are amazing. (though I’ve never had it to be honest, sorry). My friend and I can literally spend all day there just looking and testing everything. No really, we really can and it’s beautiful. Honestly if we could stay all night we could. That is until I heard about a competition that would allow me to stay over for a night!

Yes Ikea will be holding a competition where you and 20 other lucky people will be staying the night in 2 of their locations, Costa Mesa, CA and Brookyln, New York.

The event will be held on March 13th coinciding with World Sleep Day. There will be a party that will include food, interactive games, prizes, movies an “insomniac lounge” and more.

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Yes you are allowed to sleep whenever you want, unless you believe you don’t need to sleep, then the insomniac lounge will be perfect for you!

Follow the link here to enter at a chance to win! Winners will be announced February 24th and will be notified per email. It is only open to the Ikea family, so if you are not apart of the family, good news it’s free to join!

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