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Walmart Heads Into eSports With Arenas In Their Super Stores & Sponsorships

Walmart is evolving, only this time into the world of eSports. They are going to open 11 new areas where people can play on Gaming PCs for about $5 an hour between now and April 2020. They are also going to be having a few stand alone gaming centers where you can go to play. Kind of like how Cyber Cafe’s became a thing a while back and then began to fizzle out, only they are going to be doing it differently.

According to Slickdeals, they are going to be sponsoring one person at each of their stores. This will come with about $1,000 dollars of monthly income as well as them covering your travel expenses. Qualifying matches are currently going on and will run through March 27th, 2020. The top 40 competitors will receive contracts and sponsorships.

They will require you to play online every weekend during the gaming season. You can also watch the tournaments by clicking here.

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They will have themed days such as Monday’s Late Night League(League of Legends), Tuesday will be Overwatch and Call of Duty, Wednesday is Street Fighter V, Thursday is Super Smash Bros., and Friday is Fortnite.

You can check out participating locations by clicking the link here.

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