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Tips to Start Your Collection of Pop Vinyl in Australia

Even though pop vinyl is a popular product from the United States, especially the ones from the famous manufacturer Funko, Australia is following suit with this pop culture craze massively patronized by kids and adults alike. But what is pop vinyl and why are they taking the Australian market by storm?

If you want to be a collector of these pricey items, you need to know that a pop vinyl is only a tiny piece of a plastic figurine made as a copy of an image, perhaps of your favourite celebrity, cartoon or public figure. The reason why they cost a lot is that they are sometimes limited in the number of stocks.

There are some designed especially for a specific fandom or company. So, even if they only stand around 3.75 inches tall, these items in the pop vinyl online marketplace are worth collecting, selling or even swapping with anyone.

You can find many stores that sell pop vinyl Australia, and just like action figures, which were very popular in the nineties, these figurines can pile up on your shelves easily. Here are the tips on how to start collecting pop vinyl the Aussie way!

1) Pick what you love.

As mentioned above, there are tons of items to choose from. From Hollywood celebrities, music icons, political figures, public influencers to cartoon characters – you name it and you’ll probably find it. So, only pick the figures that you love to collect. Never mind those that do not catch your attention or personalities that are alien to you.

Start with some Australian public figures or famous icons in Australian pop culture. You may also collect your favorite Marvel or Disney character. Always choose the ones you love.

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2) Choose what you know.

Same as number 1, the characters and personalities that you know can add up to your charm as a collector. Only choose those figures from a particular genre or industry. For example, you can select singers instead of actors. Or you can select only Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse figures. As a collector, you need to have a niche or identity. You must also know the background of the item that you’re collecting. Do some research, but then again, choose the figure that you love.

3) Buy quality on a budget.

Shopping as a pop vinyl collector is not that difficult as there are quality stores online that you can go to. However, money is the key to any collecting endeavor. Go for quality at the price that you can afford. Buy from a quality store and make sure it is within your budget. Compare different items and prices. There are items with the higher resale value, so go for those instead. Buy cheap and sell at a higher price later on. Of course, quality and uniqueness make things expensive, so go for limited edition and buy it from a store that does not rip you off.

4) Take care of your pop vinyl.

As a collector, you need to care for your collection of pop vinyl in Australia. The merchandise needs proper handling, so make sure your storage facility or shelves are far from destructive hands of danger. Make room for your pop vinyl, especially those with higher resale value. The financial future of a good collector is brighter than those who collect and do not care about defects.

Article submitted by: Agnes John

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