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Pepper Spray Llama Is The Cutest Form Of Self Defense

Being a girl is tough. Being anyone is tough, but you know what I mean hopefully. They make all kinds of self defense items for women from pink holsters for guns to bras with a pepper spray holster built in. They even have hairy leg leggings that you can wear to the gym for those times you don’t want to be bothered. But what if you like to feel cute and be protected? That’s when this adorable little spitting llama comes in.

The llama has a hole in the back that you put your finger in and pull down. As an added measure you have to open the llama’s mouth to get it to spray. It can spray a distance of ten feet and is travel approved. You can use it up to 25 times without having to refill it. It can be attached to your keychain for easy use and to make it more accessible while walking to your car.

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You can get your very own protection llama by clicking the link here.

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