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Hairy Leggings Are Real But Is The World Ready For Them?

It’s tough living in this generation. There seems to be a huge gap between people who are stuck in their ways and those who just want to live freely. Judgement is abound wherever you go and you can either brush it off or take it personally. Me? I try to just let bygones be bygones. Anyway what I’m trying to say is that if you want to wear these crazy leggings under your skirt then rock on sister! Plus maybe it will become a good deterrent for unwanted attention.

These are made by a European company called Contrado but you can also find a version by Auiss on Amazon. These while slightly upsetting to look at could be a great defense mechanism for when you want to walk alone somewhere if you are a woman. Or if you are a man and wanted to shave your legs on a dare and now need some semblance of normalcy.

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All joking aside though it would be a great way to feel safer when you go out alone. Even though it does take away from feeling cute, it might be better to sacrifice fashion over function from time to time. Besides your real friends will know that it’s just a farce and shouldn’t care how you look anyway.

Nerdbot doesn’t make anything off the sale of these items, but we thought you may want to know about them.

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