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Architect Turns Cement Factory into Fantasy Home

If you’ve ever wanted to get a fixer upper and transform it into something truly inspirational then you and Ricardo Bofill have something in common. When he came across an old cement factory that was originally built in the 1970’s he had a vision of what he could create from the structure. And over the course of 25 years he transformed the old factory into a beautiful home. Just outside Barcelona the factory was once a World War I repair shop, so the history of the building is just as impressive as what he created from it.

The outside of the building is overflowing with greenery and makes a great contrast to the cold concrete. Bofill has created it so that each room serves a purpose and no two rooms are alike. He continues to work on it to this day and you can keep up with it by following his website.

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Don’t these pictures look absolutely stunning?! His website again is All images are taken from his site. You can explore even more of this majestic building by looking through the images and some videos he has hosted on his site.

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