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Drive the ‘Mortymobile’ For $246 (or Live Vicariously Through Your Friends)

If you are going to be in the Phoenix, AZ area from January 18-25th, or Feb 10-17th in the San Francisco, CA area you will be able to take the ‘Mortymobile’ out for a spin. There is going to be a free public event this Friday the 17th from noon to 2 p.m. at the Alamo Drafthouse in Chandler. They are also adding more dates if you want to keep an eye on their website which you can do here.


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The chance to ride in a car enveloped in the rigid body of an intergalactic celebrity doesn’t come often, but here’s your chance to experience the fabulous fiberglass of the Mortymobile; the Rickmobile’s little grandson. This exhilarating compact Japanese hatchback has been scientifically engineered to transport you in the most ostentatious way possible. The Mortymobile has everything you’d want in a car! It’s got wheels, it’s got doors, you could take him to the grocery store or to pick up four other people at the movie theater or a restaurant. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces as you pull up in a car being caressed by Morty Smith. It would be priceless (not really, it would actually cost $246)! You can even take them a reasonably far distance without having to fill up the tank because even with the giant Morty on top of this sweet ride it still gets 25 mpg. Don’t miss your chance to ride in your new favorite Morty! **AVAILABLE IN** Phoenix, AZ January 18 – January 25 San Francisco, CA February 10 – February 17 More dates coming soon…Less

The car is part of a promotion by Turo which is a people-to-people-car-sharing company where people are able to rent other peoples’ vehicles. Think of it as an Air BnB for cars. They are allowing the rental of the ‘Mortymobile’ and say that it gets 29 miles per gallon and has 5 seats. So if you and your friends wanted to pitch in $50 bucks each you can have yourselves a fun adventure in a terrifying car. Well to be clear, the car isn’t terrifying… just the giant Morty on top. And you have to make sure wherever you decide to take this has a clearance of at least eight feet.

You must be 30 years old to book.

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