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Official Baby Yoda Shoes Have Released

I think we can all agree that the baby Yoda craze is here to stay. It’s only a matter of time until Disney gives us a lot of merchandise for said character. Now, I myself have not seen the Mandalorian yet, wait, wait hear me out. I prefer to binge-watch things, so now that the first season of The Mandalorian is done I can now officially watch it and understand exactly what everyone’s going crazy about.

Recently Disney has partnered with Zazzle to launch their own pair of cute baby Yoda shoes. Check out the design below.

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Each of these shoes are made in Kenya using local materials by an organization called UBUNTO. The organization is used to promote health and education programs in Africa. you can order these shoes now both in men and women sizes directly from Disney starting at $89.95. The color is customizable. So you can get it on whatever color you’d like, it doesn’t have to be orange.

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