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This Arendelle Castle Yule Log is Ready For Christmas Viewing!

After “Olaf’s Frozen Adventure” where Olaf ventures through Arendelle to find a tradition for Anna and Elsa we were wondering; what could top that? When hearing about what Disney added to Disney+ after it’s launch this past November we are gifted with a calming scene. Heads up, I will be referencing some things from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure!

Arendelle Castle Yule Log” is a 3-hour long scene straight from the fireplace. Some may recognize it in Frozen 2 but it is in the Arendelle Castle. There are 5 stockings hanging with care, two on the left (perhaps Elsa’s & Anna’s) and three on the right (maybe Olaf’s, Sven’s, and Kristoff’s). There are gifts on the far right corner and a beautiful glowing blue tree sitting on a table on the left (perhaps made of ice courtesy of Elsa) next to a snowglobe. Candles, greenery with bells, and holly atop the fireplace and beneath the artwork on the wall. The Arendelle house crest hung proudly in the center atop the fireplace mantle. A small reindeer made of wooden sticks. There’s a violin hung on the wall and beautiful decorative plates to the left. The simple, calming, and casual colors even fill my own frozen heart. 

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The fun part is that it incorporates bits of traditions that Olaf picks up from his short including “hang up boughs of evergreen on every single doorway”, “hang up all your giant socks above an open fire” (which totally sounds safe), and many more!

Even if Christmas isn’t your cup of tea, this video gives off a very calming vibe. You can get a Disney+ monthly subscription for $6.99/mo or enjoy a 7-day trial. If you want to really commit you can get Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN for $12.99/mo.

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