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‘The Lego Movie’ Is In Talks With Universal Studios

According to a report posted by Variety The Lego Movie is in talks with Universal about future film rights, and Dan Lin (Producer) would still be with this all the way. Now as we know Warner Bros. has the rights to The Lego Movie and has not been talking about making new movies, So if they go to Universal this could potentially mean many more movies to come!

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! You didn’t say that, you sang it and that is okay. You’re the type of person I wanna keep close. Because that means you love The Lego Movie as much as I do. I was hooked on this movie ever since I rented it from redbox. And I so regret not seeing it in theaters. We already have two movies and when we finally get our third movie it will actually be under a new studio. Fear not my friends it will be under Universal!

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And I am just throwing this out there that if this finalized, that means we can get Lego Movie at Universal Studios! Or perhaps their own land. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!

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