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Starburst Yogurt is Here For The New Year!

No matter who you are, odds are Starburst played some part of your childhood. I remember being in school and spending my school bucks(not real money) on packs of Starburst. And it seems now that the new year is coming and Yoplait knows that everyone is going to try to start dieting they wanted to make it a lot harder for us. Check out their newest release.

They will have Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry. All of the most delicious flavors of Starburst out there.

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According to the nutritional label they really aren’t any worse for you than a regular yoplait. Maybe a bit more carbs but not enough to make you feel guilty for eating a yogurt. Maybe this will work into my new year’s diet somehow…

You should be seeing them pop up in grocery stores near you soon if you haven’t spotted them already.

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