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Masters of the Universe Gets a Second Series on Netflix

He-Man is back in a big bad way thanks to Netflix. Coming off the success of She-Ra for the streaming service, we will have two Masters of the Universe shows coming. We already saw the announcement of Masters of the Universe: Revelation which is being produced by Kevin Smith. That one will be a traditionally animated show that builds off the original series. This new show will be CG animated but is unclear where it will fit in the larger story line.

Given Smith as a writer, chances are it will be a darker, more mature series designed for long time fans. Whereas this one can fill the slot of something like Star Wars Rebels which is made for young adults and isn’t as deep seated in the lore.

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This CG series will be produced by several animation veterans, including Jeff Matsuda (The Batman) and Susan Corbin (Voltron). The animation will also be done by House of Cool and CGCG who worked on Trollhunters, another Netflix original series.

As reported by, we may be seeing even more Masters of the Universe in the form of feature films. Sony Pictures is rumored to be producing films that may either come to theaters or also premiere on Netflix. We will also be getting a new comic series next fall.

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Mattel is making a big push to update and reintroduce kids to the beloved 80’s toy line. This is probably a way to get at every age group and find out what sells more action figures. While it is nice to have an adult series, the bottom line is these shows are made to sell toys and while there are plenty of collectors out there, the bread and butter is children.

Hopefully this will also allow some future interaction with She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. There has already been confirmation that, at least for now, there won’t be any crossovers even though the current producers would love to do it. For now, we can just enjoy the deluge of nostalgia coming our way in the coming years.

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