Don’t you just love full moons? I mean they are beautiful and shine so bright. And no I am not a werewolf. Ever since I was a kid it always fascinated me to see that beautiful moon up in the sky. And the fact that I love Sailor Moon probably answers a few questions as well. Well my friends, tonight is the last full moon of the year. 

At 12:12 am on December 12th ( 12:12am on 12/12 get it?) the full moon will reach its peak, according it Farmers Almanac. And also this is known as the ‘Cold Moon’ 

“This full moon is distinctive for its high trajectory across the sky, causing it to sit above the horizon for a longer period of time,” says the Almanac. 

But even more this is an auspicious moon because of the number 12. 12 hours on a clock, 12 zodiac signs, and 12 months in the year! Look to the sky my friends.