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‘Matrix 4’ and ‘John Wick 4’ Are Coming Out The Same Day in 2021

Get ready for a great day on May 21, 2021 because we will be having a full on movie theater day! Both Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 are going to premiere that day and we will be treated with Keanu twice. Because a double dose of Keanu is twice as nice.

The timing is smart too, the week before Memorial Day weekend we will be able to enjoy these films. That is sure to be a factor in how much these movies gross at the box office. Essentially you will be able to watch as Keanu kicks robot butt and then go see him beat up some assassins. Sounds like an incredible date.

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May 21st 2021 will surely be a day that goes down in history. Keanu has had a great year this year and has been popping up literally everywhere. He has parts in video games, movies and has started officially dating someone. We couldn’t be happier for him as he slides into more roles and into the spotlight. He’s pure and we can’t wait to see both his movies come out the same day. Mark your calendars! If it’s not officially announced I hereby call May 21st Keanu Day.

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