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Megan Rapino To Be On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Remember Megan Rapino? You know this gal. 

She along with her teammates sued the U.S Soccer Federation for pay discrimination. And who outright said that she “Wasn’t going to the F**king White House, I doub’t we will be invited” Who also took a knee during the national anthem and was benched because of it. Yeah that gal. 

Whether you love her or hate her she is here to stay and is paving the way for many aspiring athletes and young kids all around. She will be the 4th woman to be individually named on Sports Illustrated Sportsperson. 

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“It just so happens that I came back with a vengeance, better than I had ever been,” Rapinoe said. “And then it was like, well, you are stuck with me now.”

I for one am excited to see her bless us on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And I know I will be picking up this issue. 

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