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Tons of New ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Merchandise is Coming

The holidays are on their way and Square Enix is making sure there is plenty of holiday cheer to go around! Square Enix has announced a ton of new Kingdom Hearts merchandise from digital clocks to phone cases. There is certainly something for every keyblade wielder in your life.

First up, we have the gorgeous Kingdom Hearts digital USB clock. The clock is shaped like the Kingdom Hearts crown and has a mirrored surface. The back of the clock is covered in symbols such as Heartless, Nobodies, Mickey, and the Kingdom Hearts crown. The clock can play three different songs from the franchise: “Dearly Beloved” (14s), “Hand in Hand” (13s), and “Roxas” (24s). It releases on December 21st in Japan and will cost 10, 780 yen (approximately $100).

Artify – Square
This clock is absolutely stunning

Next, we have the adorable Shadow action doll. This super soft doll has bendable limbs so that you can put it in whatever pose you like. Unlike other Shadows, this one will try to steal your heart with love. The doll releases on April 25th for 5,280 yen (about $48).

This Shadow will certainly steal your heart

Looking for something smaller? Square Enix is also releasing some beautiful stained glass keychains. Each keychain is cast in metal and pastel resin. You get a Shadow Heartless, Chirithy, and the rolly polly Meow Wow as part of a three keychain set. Releasing April 25th, they will cost you 4,180 yen ( about $39).

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Meow Wow is always best boy!

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Perhaps these wall stickers are what you want. Each sticker features artwork of Sora by series director Tetsuya Nomura. The art is accompanied with iconic quotes from the series. These stickers release December 7th and cost 1,980 yen (around $18) a piece.

These stickers have a way of making you feel nostalgic

Finally, you can’t forget about your phone. If you want to show your love for Kingdom Hearts off to the world, then these phone cases may be perfect for you. Releasing on December 21st, these iPhone 7/8 cases are sure to please dedicated fans. There are four designs to choose from, each costing 3,278 yen (around $30).

From top left to bottom right: silver, monogram, Sora (Dive to Heart), and Sora (Crown)
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