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This Baby Falkor is Adorable!

There is a seller on Etsy named Gakman Creatures who creates all kinds of adorable realistic furries from our favorite pop culture series. One of their cutest designs comes in the way of Baby Falkor the Luckdragon from the Neverending Story. It’s something that you would never want to put down if you owned it.

Artify – Square

On the Etsy Listing you can see that it is 10 inches from nose to tip of tail. It’s made only for adults and cannot be washed. So if you wanted to get one for display that would probably be for the best. It looks like she puts a LOT of time and work into these and they can’t be ordered and expected to have right away. Everything is custom made.

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The detail that goes into each one is amazing. Hand sculpted and made with care. Falkor goes for $210 and is worth every penny. The waiting list is long though so if you want one you should reserve yours soon!

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