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The Infamous Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is Back

Oh yes, that sweet delicious piece of fried chicken between two pieces of bread that unfortunately I was not cool enough to get my hands on the first time around will make it’s triumphant return to a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen near you today!!

You bet your ass you can get an extra hour of sleep this Sunday, then drive to Popeyes, wait in line for what I’m assuming will be half your day, and get yourself a piece of the most popular food phenomenon since somebody turned Doritos into a taco shell.

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If you’ve been following Popeyes on Instagram, and I’m sure most of you aren’t, you’d notice how they’ve been teasing the re-debut of the sandwich for a while now but let’s be honest here… the only thing that matters is that like Tool, Rage Against The Machine, and My Chemical Romance… it is (in your best Oprah voice) BBBAAAAAACCCCKKKKKKKK!!!

So are you already on your way to Popeyes? How the hell are you still in bed reading this?

Look at the the photo above, it’s like they’re mocking us…

I do want to point out that Popeyes made a LeBron style cryptic Instagram post directed at those living in New York and Los Angeles, sarcastic surprise! Wait… I live in LA now. Looks like I’ve got somewhere to be tomorrow…

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Though I can’t confirm what exactly will take place in the cultural epicenters of the coasts, but I’ll bet you twenty bucks it’s a promotional pop-up designed to get residents, travelers, whoever’s going to be in the Big Apple or The City Of Angels tomorrow a taste of the fried chicken sandwich gold.

Personally I’m imagining the parking lot of Popeyes being very similar to the first twenty minutes of Mad Max: Fury Road where many fight to get a piece of the limited. So please make sure to dress in your best set of tires and get yourself a piece!

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Popeyes/Instagram

How many people did you punch while getting that sweet piece of fried goodness? Let Nerdbot know in the comments!!

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