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This Rainbow Christmas Tree Will Bring Magic Into Your Home

Christmas trees nowadays come in many styles and colors; you can get trees that are white like snow, black trees that you can also put up for Halloween, even gaudy pink tinsel trees if that’s what you desire.  Basically, you can find trees in almost any color to accommodate for holidays both Christmas or otherwise.

Well, this year, Treetopia has created the absolute coolest tree ever: the Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree.

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Boasting the most vibrant colors and standing at 7 feet tall, the Color Burst tree is truly a sight to behold.  It’s over 3 feet wide and has a nice full appearance with its 1,213 branch tips. The rainbow stripes sit at a diagonal, so the colors swirl up the tree in an even distribution and wonderful pattern.  Whether you want to use it to brighten your living room at Christmas, to get kids extra excited for events like birthdays, or maybe even want a tree for LGBTQ+ festivities, anyone who wants a rainbow in their house will absolutely love this tree.  Just make sure your ceiling is tall enough!

The Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree can be found from Treetopia directly, or on Amazon.  It’ll set you back over $200, but it’ll definitely make a beautiful statement in your household for the holidays.

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