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You Can Now Buy a Jack Skellington Frappé From Starbucks!!

It’s finally fall!! The season for comfy sweaters , warm drinks and fall/spooky decor. This season definitely makes us get into a spooky mood and now to help with that mood is the Jack Skellington frappe from Starbucks!

This drink is created through Starbucks secret menu and gives you pumpkin king vibes. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the Starbucks secret menu this will definitely be the time to do so! So how does one create this delicious Halloween town drink?

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Start with a pumpkin spice frappe (iconic for this time of year) add a shot of chai syrup , a shot of espresso (optional) , java chips and mocha drizzle around the cup -and yes we would like whipped cream! Now you might be telling yourself “but it’s fall and I want a warm drink to help me feel toasty inside.” We have you covered -ask for a dirty chai , pumpkin spice syrup , and whipped cream with java chips on top , yum. Let us know if you enjoyed this drink and if it’s your first time using the “secret menu”.

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