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‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ Screenwriter Sandy Fries’ Book becomes a #1 Best Seller

Secrets Your Textbook Will Not Tell You holds some of the most fundamental information if you want to get into Television Screenwriting. Sure you went to school for it and OK you aced your classes, but did they teach you the ins and outs of Hollywood manners? Fries writes about his own experiences in the industry and tells us how he became one of the most renowned writers. He has worked on shows such as Star Trek The Next Generation, Quantum Leap, Thundercats, The Smurfs and more.

In the book you get to learn not only more about the author but also get a glimpse into what it was like working with Gene Roddenberry. You get behind the scenes stories about Patrick Stewart and Will Wheaton. You can read our complete review of the book here.

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If you want to read something in one sitting you can pick this up and I guarantee you that you will finish it. It has a cadence that really draws you into the stories so that you feel like you are there watching things unfold. I whole heartedly recommend it.

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