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Play Gears of War 5 for FREE!

Gears 5 officially launches tomorrow worldwide. If you are a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you’ve been playing since Friday. But alas members of the COG, I have good news. If you have the standard Xbox Game Pass, you can play G5, as of 9/10/19 without having to purchase the game.

If you aren’t familiar, the Xbox Game pass is a subscription service that allows you access to hundreds of games each month to play as much as you like. As long as you are a member, the library is your oyster. There are 3 tiers:

1 of 1,035

Click Here for more info. As you can see, any Xbox Game Studio titles are available upon release with Game Pass. I personally have been grinding out G5 since Friday, and lemme tell ya, not disappointed. Go check it out. I’ll leave you with a tasty trailer to get the juices flowing.


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